About Us

Find a place you’re comfortable in, somewhere you can unwind.

A cosy corner. Your favourite chair. In the warm embrace of a shower or bath.


Take a deep breath.

Feel your lungs expand and fill with air.

And now, a slow exhale.


Feel a little better?

Slow is the new rhythm.


A Slow Exhale is all about that wonderful feeling when we breathe deeply and release all that tension in our body.


Inspired by our roots in positive psychology, A Slow Exhale creates products that aim to deepen the relationship we have with our emotional well-being. You should not only feel good about yourself, but also be empowered to transform your mood and state of mind.


Our line of products are a soothing blend of scent and science, designed to create a space of calm and help you feel grounded, even when life feels overwhelming. We use therapeutic-grade essential oils, and never artificial fragrances, preservatives, alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate.


A moment with A Slow Exhale is a chance to connect with your mind and body, to reset and rebalance your emotions and breathe.


We hope that our products will become an easy part of your daily wellness routine, where you find comfort in every breath.